UI/UX Training

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In Nepal, Digital Shikhar provides world-class UI/UX design training to assist aspiring designers in developing critical design abilities and applying them to successful mobile and web application designs. The training seeks to improve design abilities by focusing on the user experience. Despite the shortage of skilled designers in the IT job market, there is a rising demand for UI/UX design training among IT graduates, designers, and enthusiasts in Nepal. As a result, Digital Shikhar has been providing a career-oriented UI/UX design course built with the input and supervision of the country’s leading industry specialists.



User Interaction with the Products Design, Mobile/Web Applications Design and SaaS services Model.

  • Why User Experience Design?
  • What is User Experience (UX) Design?
  • Introduce core elements of User Experience.
  • How these elements work together?

Defining the UX Design Process and Methodology

  • Why Research is critical? 
  • Research methods and tools. 
  • Understanding the User Needs and Goals 
  • Understanding the Business Goals 
  • Deliverables Research and insight knowledge on CX 
  • Hands-on assignments and Journey 
  • Visual Design Principles 
  • Information Design and Data Visualization 
  • Interaction Design Information Architecture 
  • Wireframing & story boarding. 
  • UI Elements and Widgets 
  • Screen Design and Layouts 
  • Hands-on Assignments and Journey 


  • Why Test your Design? 
  • What is Usability Testing? 
  • Types of Usability Testing 
  • Usability Testing Process 
  • How to prepare and plan for the Usability Tests? 
  • Prototype your Design to Test? 
  • Introduction of prototyping tools 
  • How to conduct Usability Test? 
  • How to communicate Usability Test Results? 
  • Hands-on Assignments and Journey 


  • Understanding the Usability Test findings Applying the Usability Test feedback in improving the design 
  • Effectively communicate and deliver ideas to CX (Customer Experience) 

UX Journey to test the learnings 

Summarizing the course content and Projects Assignments